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Category: Lake Constance
Keywords: Night, Moon, Full Moon, Waves, Lake Constance, Lakes, Ships, Steam Ships, Towers, Artistic Cards
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Condition: corners minimally scuffed, card minimally dirty
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coloured artistic card - Pulverturm tower, Lake Constance / Bodensee with waves and steam ship at full moon

Adress: Uferweg, 88131 Lindau (Bodensee)

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Price: 8.00 €
Year: ca. 1900
Postal state: postally used 1904
Inscription on front side: Lindau. Mondnacht am Pulverturm, M. Zeno Diemer
Inscription on back side: Postkarte
Postmark(s): Lindau [i.] Bodensee, 26 Jun [04], 6-7N; Göpping[en], 27 Jun 04, 12-[...]
Stamp(s): - unvalidated and without warranty - [Michel #61] Bayern 1890/1900 grün 5 Pfg

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