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Category: Nobility Prussia
Keywords: Portraits, Nobility, Emperor, Prussia, Uniforms, Spiked Helmets, Field Post, Artistic Cards
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Condition: slight top left corner bend, corners minimally scuffed, card slightly blotchy
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coloured artistic card - portrait of German Emperor Wilhelm II (German: Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albrecht von Preußen; English: Frederick William Victor Albert of Prussia), in uniform and with spiked helmet

Price: 8.00 €
Year: ca. 1910
Postal state: postally used without stamp (field post), 1915
Inscription on front side: O. Renatus, 15. Wilhelm
Inscription on back side: BL 4038/1 Renatus: Kaiser Wilhelm II.
Postmark(s): Berlin-Mariendorf, 3.9.15 4-5[...]; Brief Stempel, Kgl. Reservelazarett, Restaurant Graßl, Berlin-Mariendorf
Stamp(s): none

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