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Postcard Postplatz / Platz der Befreiung (liberation) square in Görlitz / Zhorjelc / Zgórjelc [ Permalink ]

deGermany > Saxony / Sachsen > Görlitz district > Görlitz / Zhorjelc / Zgórjelc > Innenstadt (inner city) > Postplatz / Platz der Befreiung (liberation) square

Keywords: Squares, Fountains, Post, Post Offices, Churches, Towers, Trucks, Trams, Upper Lusatia

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Condition: top edge damaged, traces of postmarks on front side, corners and bottom edge slightly scuffed

greyish monochrome photograph – square with fountain, post office, trams, truck, car, lanterns, trees and pedestrians, Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) in background to the left

Address: Postplatz, 02826 Görlitz

Price: 6.00 €
(exempt from VAT acc. to § 19 UStG)

– Details –

Year: ca. 1950

Postal state: postally used 1954

Inscription front: Görlitz. Platz der Befreiung mit Kunstbrunnen und Hauptpostamt

Inscription back: Foto u. Kunstverlag Bruno Scholz, Ebersbach i. Sa. Nachdruck verboten, Nr. [...]8, Echte Fotografie, III/[...]/197, I 1445/53

Postmark(s): (10a) Görlitz, a, 2[...].6.54 10-11N; Achtet auf den Kartoffelkäfer!

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