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Germany / Deutschland > Saxony / Sachsen > Görlitz / Zhorjelc / Zgórjelc district > Zittau / Zittawa > Zentrum / Center > Zittau (general)
Keywords: Churches, Towers, Markets, Town Halls, Post, Crematoriums, Tombs, Parks, Train Stations, Upper Lusatia
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Condition: border and front side damaged, front side dirty, back side slightly blotchy
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coloured with nine views – 1st) panorama of Zittau with churches and towers, 2nd) market square with pedestrians, trams and horse-drawn vehicles, city hall with tower, 3rd) post office and church, towers, 4th) crematorium with tower, gate and fence in front, 5th) Weinau park with pond, 6th) train station, 7th) Burgteich (castle pond) with boats, 8th) Johanneum with tower, tram in front, 9th) Stadtgärtnerei (city nursery)

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Year: ca. 1915
Postal state: postally unused
Inscription on front side: Zittau i. Sachsen. Panorama. Markt mit Rathaus. Post. Krematorium. Weinau. Bahnhof. Burgteich. Johanneum. Stadtgärtnerei.
Inscription on back side: 1310 Phot. Kunst- und Verlagsanstalt E. Wagner, Zittau.
Postmark(s): none

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