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Category: World War I
Keywords: Propaganda, Militaria, World War I, Officers, Soldiers, Uniforms, Nobility, Prussia, Portraits, Spiked Helmets
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Condition: corners and edges minimally damaged, back side minimally dirty
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coloured – portrait of the commanders of the (German) Western front in uniforms around table, German Emperor Wilhelm II. with spiked helmet

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Year: ca. 1910
Postal state: postally used without stamp (military mail), 1915
Inscription on front side: no text
Inscription on back side: Stengel, Unsere Heerführer im Westen, v. Kluck. Albr. v. Württemberg. D. Elsa. Wichura. v. Heeringen. v. Bülow. v. Einem. Ruppr. v. Bayern. Wilhelm II. v. Falkenhayn. Kronpr. Wilhelm. I E
Postmark(s): Bautzen, * 2 *, 14 10 15, 1-2 N

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