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Germany / Deutschland > Saxony / Sachsen > Middle Saxony / Mittelsachsen > Halsbrücke > Niederschöna incl. Hetzdorf, Herrndorf, Oberschaar, Haida, Erlicht > Panorama of Hetzdorf-Herrndorf
Keywords: Forest, Panorama, Hills, Tharandt Forest
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Condition: edges minimally damaged, beautiful exemplar altogether
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monochrome photograph – panorama of Herrndorf-Hetzdorf with hill, houses and trees, forest in background

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Year: ca. 1920
Postal state: postally unused
Inscription on front side: Sommerfrische Herrndorf-Hetzdorf am Tharandter Walde
Inscription on back side: 14822 Otto Müller, Herrndorf-Hetzdorf
Postmark(s): none

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