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Keywords: Bridges, Elbe / Labe River, Steam Ships, Ships, Trams, Horse-drawn vehicles, Academies, Statues, Sächsische Dampfschifffahrt (Saxon Steam Shipping)
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Condition: top corners and top edge scuffed, bottom corners rounded
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coloured – view to the stairs of Brühl's Terrace with statues, pedestrians, Sekundogenitur and Academy of Fine Arts, to the left the Terrassenufer with tramsand horse-drawn vehicle as well as Elbe / Labe river with landing places and Saxon steamships (ships of the White Fleet) and the bridges Albertbrücke and Carolabrücke, on the river a steam and lorry ship as well as smaller boats

Address: Brühlsche Gasse, 01067 Dresden

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Year: ca. 1900
Postal state: postally used 1911
Inscription on front side: Dresden, Albert-Brücke, Carola-Brücke, Brühl'sche Terrasse
Inscription on back side: Orig.-Aufn. 246 O. Schleich Nach. Dresden Doppeldruck
Postmark(s): Dresden-Altst. (...), 27.2 11.10-11V

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