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Keywords: Uniforms, Town Halls, Government Buildings, Parades, Trams, Clocks, Advertisement, Advertising Columns, Churches, Statues
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Condition: left edge slightly damaged on the top, bottom right corner minimally scuffed, beautiful exemplar altogether
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slightly colourized – uniformed parade from Hauptstraße (main street) to Neustädter Markt (Newtown market), flagpoles behind, in the middle the Goldene Reiter (Golden Horseman), to the left a tram in front of the flagged Neustädter Rathaus (Newtown city hall), to the right clock and advertising pillar, church Dreikönigskirche in the background

Address: Hauptstraße, 01097 Dresden

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Year: ca. 1900
Postal state: postally used, stamp removed
Inscription on front side: Dresden-Neustadt, Aufziehen der Parade, Neustädter Rathaus, Neustädter Markt, König August des Starken-Denkmal
Inscription on back side: Carl Döge, Kunstanstalt, Dresden-N. 12, Helgolandstr. 19.
Postmark(s): (Dresden-)Altst. 5, c, (...)

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