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Category: Bridges & Tunnels
Keywords: River Thames, Trams, Busses, Bridges, Artistic Cards, Steam Ships, Clocks, Parliaments
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Condition: slight postmark mark on front side, slightly bloched on the front left side, corners slightly scuffed, back side perfect
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coloured artistic card – Westminster Bridge with double-decker buses, tram, cars and pedestrians, River Thames with steamboat, Westminster Palace (Houses of Parliaments) and Big Ben

Adress: Westminster Bridge Rd, London

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Year: ca. 1930
Postal state: postally used
Inscription on front side: Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament. London
Inscription on back side: Valentine's Post Card, famous throughout the world, for address only, Valentine's '' Art Colour '' Postcards. Copyright. Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament. – Fitly situated beside the grand old Abbey is the superb pile of Tudor Gothic buildings in which Parliament is housed. On the left the magnificent Victoria Tower rises to a height of over four hundred feet. The Clock Tower on the right contains the World famous Big Ben whose sonorous notes may be heard daily by all listeners the World over. A 49
Postmark(s): London WC 12 05 pm 10 Nov 1936 D; ~~~

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